Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little Dr. Paul

As I'm sure none of you have heard, Dr. Rand Paul refused to answer the question about the age of the Earth last week. This willful ignorance is the most aggravating thing in the world. Just answer the question, dude! If your politics are straight, who cares if you think the world is 6000 years old? As much as I hate religion mixing with politics, I think there are more pressing issues at hand than whether or not you think Gandalf's clone shit out the planet a few millennia ago.

As a medical doctor, not having the answer should be something Dr. Paul should be used to... at least that's what my 130 episode marathon of House M.D. tells me. Get an answer. Be wrong. But have a goddamn answer! Even Sarah Palin made some shit up when they asked her how she had foreign policy experience.

Again, not an attack on religion. I understand that if you want to get elected in this country, you're going to have to pick a fairy tale that you subscribe to to get elected. The meager 18% of us Americans that are naturalists can't carry the election for you, so I get that. But ANSWER THE QUESTION!

Taking pride in not knowing something, or refusing to answer a question because you're scared it might offend someone is unacceptable. I can guarantee with 100% accuracy that there is always going to be someone sensitive that is going to be offended or disagree with any opinion that you have.

As a politician you should always have an opinion. Whether it's right or wrong is irrelevant. As an aspiring presidential candidate, Dr. Paul should figure this out if he wants more than just a fringe vote. Zeus help us if he actually gets elected. Who knows what issue will come across his desk that he sits on because he has no opinion, or is "just not going to answer that question." How are people going to know what your stance is if you don't take one?

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