Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christina Taylor Green

So, I definitely cried this weekend and then some more in the days following. Hell, I've got tears in my eyes right now just writing this. I'm not going to get into any shenanigans regarding the shooter in Arizona because that's not what this entry is about. This entry is about a little girl whose life was stolen almost before it had begun.

From what I've read, this little girl was something special. She wasn't, by any means, your average nine year old. Despite her age, she had aspirations of attending Penn State and wanted to make a career out of helping others who were less fortunate. She was interested in politics and government and wanted to meet her congresswoman. On Saturday, she got that opportunity and was killed because of it. And what was her crime? What did she, or any of the other victims do to deserve this?

Words can't express how awful it is that this anything but normal little girl was taken from her family and this world. Christina was kind, intelligent, beautiful, and obviously destined for great things in the future, and now she's gone thanks to a lunatic with a gun.

So at what point do we as a nation stand up and say, "Enough is enough!" and come to an agreement that our gun control is anything but effective? How many more innocent lives have to be taken? When will we set aside our firearm fetish and write, pass, and enforce gun control legislation that actually works?

As a father with a little girl of my own, I can only imagine the pain of a tragedy like this. Just doing so makes me weep.