Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm dead set on retiring in Canada in 13 years. I don't see this place getting any better. President Washington denounced the formation of parties when he left office, and even though we've had our fair share, the time for healthy debate and productive discussion has passed. This country used to be about the progress and now it's about regress.

Prior to the last decade, it didn't matter what party had control of what. Sure there were filibusters and vetoes and arguments but things moved forward. Opposing viewpoints made a lot of important milestones come later than they should have. The debates between Right and Left held up a ton of important legislation, but the bottom line is stuff got done. Compromise. Sacrifice. The Greater Good of the People.

All of that wonderful progress, that wonderful legislative conveyor belt that slowly trudged forward, has stopped completely. All we have now is gridlock. It doesn't matter who is in control of the House or the Senate, the other side will intentionally stymie proposed bills that come from the other side. I will concede that the Republicans stifle more Democratic propositions than vice versa, but it's very plain to see that no one (aside from our President) truly wants bipartisanship.

And that's why I'm moving up north. I'll deal with the stupid accents, the maple syrup, the Retard Horseback Brigade of Mounties, the snow, and the French (to name a few things) all because Canada gets shit done. That's why the only Canucks that move to the U.S. are hockey players and actors/musicians. People have no reason to leave.

Unless this political roadblock that's been set up by the bigoted fringe minority from the Right gets ripped down, this country is on the road to destruction. A stagnant political system will have us left behind while the rest of the world moves forward and eventually we'll be like the 12 year old retarded kid in the 2nd grade. Food for thought.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Myspace is lame and I'd like a fresh start to lay down my thoughts here on the interweb. Sometime over the next couple of weeks I'll re-post some old fan-favorites from the last six years or so (with original post dates annotated). This is the place you want to come if you enjoy political musings, semi-funny anecdotes, and are the least bit interested in my sad attempt at having an opinion. Enjoy.